Rock on H2O (Land Training) Program Information

Please use the links below to access instructions and the skill acquisition cards.

Please review the information below for further details on this program.

Our Rock on H2O program looks like a tree with two main branches; several up and coming branches; and several auxiliary branches.

Our skills acquisition program consists of various skills performed on land utilizing physio (or rubber) balls, rollers, 1/2-rollers, benches, chairs, sofa backs, and other equipment.

The idea is for students to learn skills prior to attending class; practice skills learned in class; and maintain skill level while away from class.

The other main branch is our fitness program. This program uses the same fundamental principles as our skill acquisitions program with a twist...we do it for cardiovascular fitness, core building & stabilization, and strength conditioning.

This program is complimentary and available digitally for all our currently enrolled students. An added bonus for the may now utilize this program while your child is in their lesson. Skill cards will be available on the deck for you to utilize. We are hoping to have this instructor led eventually, but for now it is self-led.

All payments and class registrations MUST go through our website; if not, they are NOT valid classes.