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Newsletter Spring 2012

We submitted our application for a Type III, Non-Profit Organization, permit on Feb. 29, 2012 and were denied on March 20, 2012. We applied for a Type IV permit and were denied on on March 23, 2012. We are appealing these decisions and hope the Board of Variance & Appeals find in our favor. All we want to do is get back to doing what we do best, teaching folks how to swim! Use this link for the complete document, VIA Type III Permit Request.

January 5, 2012 Announcement of County cutting our program in Kihei and Central

Newsletter for the New Year 2012

We sent you a link within the newsletter to complete an evaluation form as well as contact information for the County. It would be wonderful if you could complete that and submit it to the four main contacts (listed on the second page of the form). The more noise, the better. Also, please write a letter of recommendation and send to the same list of people. If you have any questions, please let us know.

We are looking for alternatives such as private pools, hotels and condo pools. If you have a pool or access to a pool and would be willing to work with us to conduct lessons, please let us know. We would be happy to come to an agreement of terms as well as sign a contract. We have a one-million liability insurance policy, which would cover the property and the individuals/owners. Please let us know if this is something you'd be willing to assist us with so we can continue offering swimming lessons to our community.

UpCountry classes are still beginning this upcoming week on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Link to County Evaluation Form:

Link to a FREE PDF printer:
*The evaluation form cannot be saved, it will clear the form. You must either print a hard copy and scan it or fax it to the appropriate folks OR you can "print" it using a PDF Printer. Using a PDF Printer will save it on your computer as an electronic copy without clearing the information you entered. If you need any further assistance doing this, just let us know and we will walk you through the process.

All contact information for County is listed below:
Please submit the first page of this form to the following:
1. Valley Isle Aquatics (
2. Glenn Correa, Director Parks & Recreation: (808) 270-7230
3. Alan Arakawa, Mayor:
4. Marian Feenstra, Aquatics Division Chief:
Phone: (808) 270-6137; Fax: (808) 270-6141

These are optional:
Patrick Matsui, Deputy Director: or

Floyd Miyazono, Chief of Recreation (Community Courses Supervisor):
(808) 270-7383:

Council Members; please send to your council member:
Danny A. Mateo, Council Chair
Ph: (808) 270-7678
Fax: (808) 270-7717

Joseph Pontanilla, Council Vice-Chair
Ph: (808) Ph: 270-5501
Fax: (808) 270-5502

Gladys Coelho Baisa, Council Member
Ph: (808) 270-7939
Fax: (808) 270-7127

Robert Carroll, Council Member
Ph: (808) 270-7246
Fax: (808) 270-7247

Elle Cochran, Council
Ph: (808) 270-5504
Fax: (808) 270-5505

Donald G. Couch, Jr., Council Member
Ph : (808) 270-7108
Fax: (808) 270-7119

G. Riki Hokama, Council Member
Ph: (808) 270-7768
Fax: (808) 270-7848

Michael P. Victorino, Council Member
Ph: (808) 270-7760
Fax: (808) 270-7639

Mike White, Council Member
Ph: (808) 270-5507
Fax: (808) 270-5508

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